Not everyone would like to buy a membership for shopping. Michael E Porter had highlighted three generic strategies that a firm could use to achieve competitive advantage. Annual 2% Reward (up to $1,000) on Eligible Costco and Costco Travel purchases. in English literature from BRABU and an MBA from the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. Gold Star Business., There are two things that Costco is known for, one is the low prices for its members and the other  is its excellent customer service which is also an exclusive privilege of the members of this membership based wholesale brand. GET GREAT CONTENTDIRECTLY INTO YOUR INBOX. However, these are the sources from which Costco obtains a competitive advantage. It includes “everything from men’s dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids”. Costco also has its business presence in Taiwan, UK, Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Spain. The content on MBA Skool has been created for educational & academic purpose only. Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Costco. Maybe Costco’s preemptive online strategy isn’t so strange … It includes entering a new market with a new product offering. As of 2020, there are several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc. They are market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. Costco also campaigns on online social media platforms and promotes its sales and discount schemes through targeted Newspaper and Radio advertisements. Costco had 700+ warehouses all over the world United States of America having 500+, and close to 100 in Canada. Having developed a cult following for being pro employee and advantageous to thrifty shoppers. is a platform for academics to share research papers. While everyone can be a Walmart customer not everyone is a Costco shopper. The Annual Columbia Business School Retail Forum. So Costco is now poised to experience some of the woes being visited on other brick-and-mortar retail channels. Gold Star Executive Business Executive 2% Annual Reward. This is another very important strategy that Costco has used to grow its market share and size. It includes introducing your products and services to new markets or segments. Terms & Conditions Apply. Quality items. Apart from managing pretty low costs and great deals for its members, the brand has managed an excellent supply chain. Análisis de los canales. Costco is not just financially strong but has also grown an impressive presence internationally like Walmart. This article has been researched & authored by the Content & Research Team. which have helped the brand grow. The third strategy has two subcategories that are cost focus and differentiation focus. With a greater focus of selling value for money products and in large volumes Costco achieves economies of scale effortlessly. Prime also includes streaming music and video, a book-lending library for Kindle owners, and Alexa. However, every Costco membership has its own benefits. However, a well managed supply chain is also a reason that Costco is able to keep its operational costs low and pass the benefits to its members. The third strategy has two subcategories that are cost focus and differentiation focus. Costco has continued to expand its line of private label brands. Costco’s main business thrives on giving low prices to customers on high volume purchases. Costco’s strategy can be understood as a mix of cost leadership and differentiation. That feature can’t be matched in any substantial way by Amazon Prime. Costco members are entitled to that 2 percent rebate for the highest-tier membership rank. Hence pricing is a strategy in its marketing mix which is critically dependent upon the competition, amount of goods sold etc. Unexpected savings. The Washington CEO magazine rated it as one the top 3 companies to work for. Every person buying from Costco is a member and a large part of the revenue is generated from these memberships. The Robin Report Annual Forum – Register! This was a discussion of how Costco has used both generic and intensive strategies to grab a leadership position and grow its brand nationally and internationally. Being 18th in the list of fortune 500 companies Costco’s robust supply chain management systems and strategic planning for procurement and retail helped it achieve a cult status. Its first location was opened in 1976 was in an airplane hangar in San Diego serving small businesses while the first warehouse location was in Seattle. MARKETING ESTRATÉGICO. contact: [email protected], [email protected], Generic and Intensive Strategies used by Costco, Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies of Amazon, Easy Ways Businesses Can Incorporate Sustainability, 5 Biggest Challenges of Running a Tech Company, Five best apps for employee smartphone surveillance in 2020.


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