They could suggest ways of making low-contact curbside or in-store pickup easier. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. BCG was the pioneer in business strategy when it was founded in 1963. To begin with, they should emphasize cleanliness protocols that employees should follow—from frequent hand washing to sneezing (when necessary) into the crook of an elbow. De izquierda a derecha: Ricardo Ocampo, CFO de Chiper; José Bonilla, CEO; Oscar Sarria, COO; Carolina Garcia, CRO, y Juan Silva, CGO. José Caparroso / Forbes Colombia. more. La plataforma que abastece a tenderos con pedidos digitales está en Ciudad de México, Monterrey y Guadalajara, y abrirá en cuatro nuevas ciudades. There are three levels and all of them are lovely. Chiper fue fundada en Colombia por Jose Jair Bonilla (CEO), Oscar Sarria (COO) y Carolina García (Chief Revenue Officer, CRO) hace dos años, y promete entregar sus órdenes en menos de 24 horas, permitiendo a los tenderos pagar los pedidos digitalmente y consultar el estado de los pedidos en tiempo real. Protégete del COVID-19. Over 800 items, from jamon, chorizo and Manchego, to paella ingredients, tapas, and desserts. watching a bunch of colourful birds playing in the fountain. In Mexico, the brewery company Grupo Modelo has taken practical steps in this area by making and distributing 300,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Esta donación permitirá ayudar a disminuir el riesgo de contagio del COVID-19 entre las personas que salen a trabajar diariamente, pero también ayudará a que los artesanos mexicanos puedan percibir ingresos durante este periodo de confinamiento donde el turismo es nulo y la venta de sus productos se ha visto reducida drásticamente. £1.75. The place is top-notch! The setting is very peaceful and pretty in the gardens. Winning in Emerging Markets, CPGs may also be able to play a role in SMBs’ receipt of government stimulus money. CPGs are in a position to ensure that their points of sale have a steady supply of this equipment. “El mercado latinoamericano de tiendas de barrio es enorme y sigue siendo una pieza valiosa de la cultura latinoamericana, sin embargo, en gran medida no ha sido tocado por la tecnología minorista moderna”, señala Brian Walsh, director de WIND Ventures. We were the only ones here, it being a Tuesday afternoon. The processes in Latin America are likely to face even bigger obstacles, as the informality of the traditional trade sector complicates decisions about eligibility. Even in the US, with its highly developed financial infrastructure, the process for disbursing coronavirus relief funds to businesses has been hampered by delays and has elicited criticism. (See Exhibit 1.). The small shop offers a very interesting selection of items, both food and craft. Muchas gracias for making my birthday memorable! Charming and great food ... what a combination! For instance, CPGs could directly disburse government loans to SMBs—or they could partner with local development banks or supranational organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to funnel loans to SMBs. There's an in the front if you need things to cook at home. market in the front if you need things to cook at home. Food is always fresh, organic and delicious, service always friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere can't be beat, especially on a warm, sunny day. Not recommended.More. Edible gardens. We were blown away by its total experience even the rest rooms.More. It was such a beautiful day so we sat at a table on the edge of the garden,...watching a bunch of colourful birds playing in the fountain. Previously a platform to help consumers locate nearby stores and products, Tiendita Cerca has morphed into an ordering platform. I would go back just for their delicious chiliquillas. My favorite area is the upstairs dining room, full of sunlight and windows that open to let in a balmy breeze. Boston Consulting Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. They've just added a little shop that sells dried goods (e.g., teas, mushrooms, seed packets, etc.) In every Latin American country where they do business, CPGs need to play the role of safety advisor. Previously a platform to help consumers locate nearby stores and products, Tiendita Cerca has morphed into an ordering platform. These could range from limiting the number of shoppers in a store at any given time to displaying signage that helps people maintain a safe distance while lining up outside or in checkout areas inside. But they need to prioritize those that have the best chance of coming through the crucible of COVID-19 intact—or even strengthened. To a degree that isn’t usually true in business, we are all in this together. Alas, no such clarity is possible. "Puedes comprar una gorra a buen precio...." "Puedes comprar una gorra a buen precio...." Candy Store in Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal Desde pequeños, los mexicanos hemos estado familiarizados con las máscaras, ellas han estado presentes en la lucha libre, día de muertos o hasta en danzas folclóricas, sus virtuosos diseños representan diferentes horizontes de nuestra cultura, tradiciones e historia; por eso, como parte de la iniciativa Chingones Unidos por México, decidimos ponernos las máscaras y unir fuerzas con la diseñadora Carla Fernández, quien es una de las marcas de moda y textil más reconocidas de México, sus diseños son creados en colaboración con artesanos mexicanos; esta vez, crearemos 50,000 mil cubrebocas en conjunto con maestros mascareros de diferentes estados del país. We believe in the energy of things made with love, supporting fair trade and the people of our community. In a survey that MasterCard conducted in April, four in every five Latin Americans said that they would continue to use cashless payments after the pandemic ends. Some are already doing so. Grupo Modelo anunció el lanzamiento de Tiendita Cerca, una nueva plataforma digital que busca apoyar la economía local y permitir a los mexicanos acceder a un directorio de 15,000 tiendas de abarrotes y más de 3,000 Modeloramas a nivel nacional. Really bad service. The party seated next to us had a little bell to get the attention of the downstairs waiter when needed.


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