A match that definitely was a huge contender for ‘Match of the Night’, the clash of The Beast vs The Streak caused such a shock, and it took a good ten minutes for everyone viewing to get over what happened. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Available in 3 Languages. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? Lors du Raw du 17 mars, Triple H annonce que s'il bat Daniel Bryan plus tôt dans la soirée, il fera partie du match. WWE: Wrestlemania 30 720p Español Latino . Triple H ne prendra pas cette proposition au sérieux[30]. Bryan looked like his match was over, when he was being stretchered away after a stunning move that saw Batista and Orton teamwork combine their finishers to smash Bryan through a table. Brock Lesnar, essayera lui comme tous les autres adversaires du Phenom d'être le premier à réussir à le battre lors de WrestleMania. Everyone watching was hoping for the outcome that would see Daniel Bryan prove victorious and they were not let down. The event then escalated, and the matches were entertaining to say the least: The match that would start off Wrestlemania certainly didn’t disappoint, with the victor knowing that they would have the chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Plus tard dans la soirée, celui-ci occupera le ring avec ses propres fans et annonce qu'il ne bougera tant que son défi ne sera pas accepter. One of the greatest Wrestlemanias in recent memory left fans in awe as they witnessed thrill after thrill after thrill, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Le deuxième heure sera la même que la première à la différence que celle-ci comprendra un match et qu'elle ne sera disponible que sur le WWE Network[11],[12]. Un pay-per-view comme WrestleMania est donc un événement tournant pour les différentes storylines en cours[23]. He was to be eliminated shortly after however, and it match eventually was left with Big Show vs Cesaro. L'Undertaker essayera de conserver sa streak à WrestleMania qui s'élève jusqu'ici à 21-0. It wouldn’t be entrances that would decide the fate of the match, however, and Bryan was victorious. One of the strongest factions in the WWE, they didn’t take long to win the match, with an impressive triple-double powerbomb (A triple powerbomb, delivered to Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) ended the affair. Wyatt had great control over the audience, and really demonstrated his popularity in the WWE Universe by making them sing throughout. Lors du Raw du 24 février, Daniel Bryan défie Triple H pour un match lors de WrestleMania du à l'injuste attaque de Kane, la veille, lors d'Elimination Chamber. En renportant le match Orton confirme sa place dans le main-event de WrestleMania contre Batista[27]. The WWE, at times, has fallen short of delivering a shock, and often their PPV matches are fairly predictable. What a night. Lors du Raw du 24 mars, Naomi bat la Championne des Divas, AJ Lee, par décompte extérieur. Triple H accepte l'ultimatum. Then there’s Bryan. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. Le soir même, Cena affrontera Erick Rowan et le match sera officialisé[35]. Being straight after such a shocking match that saw the Streak end, it was clear people weren’t paying too much attention as they recovered from the Undertaker’s loss. The Game’s entrance was grand to say the least, as he donned a gold mask to really advertise his standing in the company. But the pair really turned up for this match, putting in a thrilling display that genuinely provided doubt as to who would win the match. Plutôt dans la soirée, Triple H annonce que s'il remporte le match, il participera au Main Event[34]. Episodes. It was definitely a good showcase of the Divas talent, with the likes of Natalya, Naomi and the Bella Twins standing out. Para todos los resultados del WrestleMania 30, no necesitas ir a otro lugar que no sea WWE.com. He would lose the match, however, and fell victim to the Attitude Adjustment. Alexander Rusev was initially dubbed as the favourite for the match, but wasn’t even part of the event. As a result, Big Show stood out as favourite, wearing an Andre the Giant type attire, in tribute of the man that the match is made in honour of. WWE Wrestlemania 30 - The best pictures from New Orleans, Wrestlemania 30 results: Daniel Bryan finally reaches gold but WWE. 06, 2014 | TV-PG (V) | 3h 54m. Ce WrestleMania marquait la fin de la série d'invincibilités de l'Undertaker qui était invaincu depuis WrestleMania VII. Il a effectué son retour lors du Raw du 24 février[9]. En gagnant ce match, il obtient un match pour le WWE World Heavyweight Championship à WrestleMania XXX. That being pencilled in the title match is no surprise. Le 24 février à Raw, Brock Lesnar et Paul Heyman ont demandé un match de championnat pour le Championnat du Monde Poids-Lourd de la WWE. How would we get from his losing to Wyatt in January to dealing with the Celtic Warrior in April, though? Big Show worked the first Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and Kane - along with Billy Gunn & Road Dogg - got fed to The Shield. It’s quite different from the show we eventually got in New Orleans almost six years ago. Evolution wouldn’t have re-formed, so there would have been no need for Haitch’s Plan B, and maybe no Seth Rollins betrayal. The new addition to Wrestlemania proved that it’s a worthwhile match, and will hopefully always be as enjoyable as it was on its debut. The Hounds of Justice are maybe the most fascinating part of this. Movement and beating all of Evolution in one night to become WWE World Heavyweight champion. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Lors du RAW du 17 mars, Kane reprochera à The Shield de ne pas l'avoir aidé lors de son match à SmackDown. La rivalité entre les deux hommes continuera sous la forme de diverses promos et attaques lors des semaines suivantes. Le 24 février à Raw, Heyman propose donc à quiconque souhaitant affronter The Beast à WrestleMania de venir signer un contrat pour un match. Once the group was working babyface, the assumption was Dean would turn heel. Lors d’Elimination Chamber, Randy Orton conserve son WWE World Heavyweight Championship dans un Elimination Chamber match en éliminant en dernier Daniel Bryan à la suite d'une intervention de Kane qui s'est vengé de l'attaque de Bryan sur lui quelques minutes plutôt dans le match[26]. No-one anywhere would have thought Lesnar was going to win, but in one of the most shocking moments in WWE and Wrestlemania history, he F5’d the Undertaker for the third time in the match to break the streak. Ce dernier arrive et déclare que Bryan n'est pas un assez bon niveau pour l'affronter. Alors que les rumeurs vont bon train quant au fait que la WrestleMania XXX pourrait se dérouler au Mercedes-Benz Superdome de La Nouvelle-Orléans (lieu du dernier Super Bowl XLVII), la WWE a annoncé dix salles et stades qui auraient également leurs chances d’accueillir l’édition anniversaire de The Showcase of the Immortals[7]. Enfin, le main event principal de ce WrestleMania avec un Triple Threat match pour le WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposant Randy Orton au vainqueur du Royal Rumble 2014, Batista et au vainqueur du match entre Triple H et Daniel Bryan plus tôt dans la soirée. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Cesaro incredibly Body Slammed the Big Show over the ropes (shades of Hogan-Andre) to grab the trophy. Or would it never have happened at all? Hulk Hogan kicked things off, and while he mumbled his lines, the event exploded into life with the appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock who kept the audience enthralled. WrestleMania 30. Wrestlemania 30 results: Daniel Bryan finally reaches gold but WWE Universe left stunned by The Undertaker. Lors du Raw du 3 mars, The Usos gagnent le titre par équipes pour la première fois de leur carrière. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Il est aussi annoncé que Batista participera au 30-Superstar Royal Rumble match lors du Royal Rumble[24]. The deranged Bray Wyatt played all kind of mind-games with John Cena, And looked to be on the up when he delivered the Sister Abigail, Cena had to deal with the other two members of the Wyatt family at ringside, but found the aerial route to be the simplest.


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