5 . X - Ride presen... New Honda Scoopy PGM-Fi Sporty and Stylish, Specification and Features All-New Toyota Vios 2013. My competitor pick – the Super 8 50X from KYMCO — embraces a more contemporary, almost military-esque design. Encuentra Yamaha Fino Classic - Motos en TuMoto. Yeah, I know it’s only a 50 cc scooter and drum brakes are okay enough, but I want what I want, you know? Hey, My Friends Hi and Welcome to Our Site. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Yammi covers your scooter with a one-year limited warranty. Presenting news about the specs and price Honda motorcycles, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Bajaj and other brands. The Yamaha Parts and Accessories ecommerce store is administered on behalf of participating Yamaha dealerships. Price is really a wash. Encuentra Yamaha Fino Classic 2013 en Mercado Libre México. If this sounds a bit firm, just remember this is a street scooter not a mini adventure bike, so keep it on the road, chief. It really comes down to which system you are more comfortable with. Fuel injection surely helps with that as well as the emissions. A 49 cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke mill drives the Vino Classic; before you scoff, remember that this little one-lung, long-stroke engine gets a whopping 127 mpg. Hey, My Friends Hi and Welcome to Our Site. Image Source: yamaha-motor.com, vespausa.com, kymcousa.com, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. 2 . Equipped with fuel injection since 2013, the 49 cc Vino Classic delivers awesome fuel economy at 127 mpg, has smooth throttle response and lots of storage for running around town or zipping across the campus. Are you looking for an article online in which you can find the price, features, review, images, video, mileage and specifications of the New Launch Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter? 3 . Fit and Finish: Quality paint and chrome will look like new for a long time. 4 . Thanks for visiting our site, and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this. Where the Vino Classic and the Super 8 50X differ in styling, they’re comparable "under the hood," so to speak. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Are you looking for an article online in which you can find the price, features, review, images, video, mileage and specifications of the New Launch Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter?. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. No infringement is intended. I’ve seen figures of between 45 mph and 55 mph, but I’m skeptical. In addition, the drums fit the overall intended look. I hope you will like this article and you will get all the informative data for which you are searching on the internet. The rear-wheel lock ensures your Vino Classic stays where you parked it and prevents ignition switch tampering. Specifications Honda Tiger - Honda Tiger was introduced in August 1993 presented for a dare to be different , lik... New Honda Scoopy PGM-FI shows status as king of scooter it is strengthened in recent Scoopy . The telescopic front forks provide 2.3 inches of wheel travel, while the rear monoshock manages only 2.1 inches. At age 11 when bicycles were too simple to hold her interest any longer, her father found her taking apart the lawn mower. Your email address will not be published. While I can’t quite put my finger on the exact era, I definitely pick up on the antique vibe Yamaha laid down on the VC.”, "I do prefer the Deep Sea Blue and Vanilla colorway on the new Vino Classic over the Rosewood Brown offered in 2016. Seperti diawal tahun ini, Yamaha Eropa kembali memperkanalkan varian terbaru dari Scooter maticnya seperti Yamaha Smax, Yamaha Tmax, Yamaha Zuma dan Yamaha Vino Classic. I have created a table in which I have mentioned all the major Technical specifications of this Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter. Honda Zoomer X Specification - Honda Zoomer X Review is an motor scooter injection the latest Honda released . Having shared her love of motorcycles with her now husband, biker TJ Hinton, Allyn brings that love and knowledge to TopSpeed as writer and associate motorcycle editor. Ok So let’s go for that friends. Are you looking for an article online in which you can find the price, features, review, images, video, mileage and specifications of the. Specifications Yamaha New Scorpio Z -  Motor sport touring with capacity of 225cc output Yamaha 's got a  change Body... Honda Verza 150 Specification Honda Verza 150 Specification - Honda Verza 150 is a Honda   new bike that is ready to slide... Gallery Yamaha X-Ride - Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing officially presenting the Yamaha X - Ride . The Yamaha Vino comes in with a $2,299 sticker, and the KYMCO a little less by a few bills at $1,999 — a difference likely evident between the air-cooling and liquid-cooling. Not much difference, and if you are the least bit interested in historical references, then the Vino Classic is well worth a look. While Vespa makes an awesome scooter, the difference in price is significant between the Vespas and the Vino Classic ($3,699 for the Sprint 50 versus $2,299 for the Vino Classic). It’s a colorway they brought forward from 2014, I believe. I think it should be enough information for you to buy or sell this model Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter. Very much a carry over from previous years, the 2018 Vino Classic scooter from Yamaha is one of the many two-wheelers out there that marry vintage looks with modern technology. Yamaha offered it in Rosewood Brown for 2016 ", All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. Add a top case from the accessories catalog for more storage. If it had moving parts, it had Allyn's interest from a very early age. If yes and you are in search for such an article on the internet, then you have been placed in the right place. All pretty standard equipment, but it plays into the dated look quite well. Detail lengkap motor Yamaha Fino Classic 2019 218691 bekas dari harga, spesifikasi, kontak penjual, promo,cicilan hingga kredit mudah, murah & cepat di momotor.id Honda Zoomer X... Gallery Yamaha Jupiter MX 2013  - Yamaha Jupiter MX 2013 is a motorcycle that have a sporty design with using manual clutch that... Kawasaki Z250 Specification - The presence of Kawasaki Z250 further enliven the market 250cc sport bike. Air-cooling is simple, but water-cooling is more stable. And keep smiling. Modern Engine: Vino Classic comes with fuel injection for smooth throttle response and easy starting in nearly all conditions For putt-putting around town or around campus, this little 50 cc scooter is quite capable. Little 50 cc scooters abound, but if you want to stay in the vintage look, the obvious pick would be a Vespa, probably the Primavera 50 or the Sprint 50. When he asked why she was doing it, she replied, “I need to see how it works.” That curiosity and mechanical drive served her well over the next 40 years as she pursued careers in both the automotive and motorcycle industries. Suspension travel is rather short at both ends. One definite bonus on the Super would have to be the kickstarter. It’s not a highway ride; but for running errands around town, the plush seat is comfortable, the underseat storage — big enough to stash a helmet — gives you ample room for groceries or a book bag and basic instrumentation is easy to read. Normally I would raise an eyebrow at anything with mechanical drum brakes on both hoops, but at only 179 pounds soaking wet, it just doesn’t need disc brakes. On- Board: Storage Spacious locking storage compartment is perfect for backpacks and groceries. I ain’t wild about the brown and cream paint job from 2016, but that is easy enough to fix, yeah? Required fields are marked *, Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter Price, Specs, Review, Mileage, Top Speed, Overview, Hey, My Friends Hi and Welcome to Our Site. With the convenience of easy parking and mad economical operation, the Vino Classic is worth a look. Stylish, yes, but it also appeals to my pragmatic side. The 2017/2018 color is better, imo. Review Yamaha Fino Classic - Yamaha memang tidak pernah berhenti dalam melakukan inovasi di dunia otomotif khususnya produk sepeda motornya. Since the Vino Classic is meant to invoke a certain nostagia, the design was somewhat constrained by convention. Because in this article of mine I will be telling you everything you need to know about the Yamaha Vino Classic Scooter. Yes, Vespa has some definite advantages — like disc brakes and digital technology — but I think I’ll take another route.


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